Posted by: pandoramoon | 22/07/2009

The Wonder Of Heaven

On the back of the book it says

“The Wonder of Heaven punctures the notion of a harp strumming do-nothing eternity. After glimpsing your home with God, and with people as God meant them to be, you will filled with an anticipation that make your life brighter stronger and more vibrant today”

However after finding out that the only other thing I can do is to worship God all the time I think I’d rather play the harp.

Despite that I have found this an interesting look on how some people think Heaven is like or I should say The New Heaven since that’s what this book mainly goes on about.

My favourite part was pages 110 & 111 where it has a What do children think about heaven and my favourite kids vision of  heaven is the first one which says

“Michael, age 6, said of his house in heaven, “My house will be made of Reese’s Cups, and filled with chocolate”

If I go to heaven I’m definitely visiting your house kid! Just make sure you have some milk chocolate there for me ok? although I don’t know what a Resse’s Cup is?. Let me just google that…

Is this the Reeses Cup you mean?

Is this the Reese's Cup you mean?

I think I’ve had something like that before except it was milk chocolate while I was in Florida I think.

However I do have a few gripes with the content of the book

1. Is that the same passages from the bible keep getting repeated over and over again Reverlation 21:4 being a favourite. It makes me wonder if Ron Rhodes was trying to pad the book out?.

2. This is the biggest gripe. In the chapter Postscript-An Invitation to Believe he mentions how you can go to heaven if you have a relationship with Jesus and a sample pray you can use to start it. That isn’t the problem though it’s what is written on the last part of that chapter Ron gives an address for Christians to write to so he can help build their faith. It just smacks to me that he’s trying to make more money by doing this.

3. I only mention this as I feel that to most people this would be their idea of hell. As according to Ron there will be no sex in heaven at all. Check out this paragraph on page 137.

“Contrary to the teaching of some modern Christians I do not believe that married Christians will continue to to engage in sex in heaven. We will be similar to angels in the sense of not being married (Matthew 22:30) procreating or sharing sexual intimacy. I believe we are most accurate biblically when we banish from our ideas of heaven the various carnal and sensual pleasures of the present world. Such pleasures, which were intended only for this world of imperfection, will be replaced by others of a far superior nature”

All in All I do think this is an interesting book to read if you are curious about how some people see Heaven but please don’t take it too seriously as really no one knows what happens when we die not even Ron Rhodes.


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