Posted by: pandoramoon | 14/07/2009

How to Profit from the Rapture

For those of you that aren’t familler with The Rapture then it is basically that some Christians believe that before Armegregdon starts they will be lifted to Heaven by Jesus and be spared of God’s anger on the world.Or you can just look it up on wikipedia.

Now that you know what it is you can now learn how to make a huge profit of the Rapture.

For instance on Page 23 it gives a idea of how to make a profit on using photos or videos you’ve taken off people floating up to heaven and sell on the internet. If there is an internet by then.

Anyway I think this book is a riot! I love how the authors poke fun at the concept of a rapture. So it’s 9 stars for me.

If you do decide to buy this book then please know that it is meant as a joke so there are no promises that any of the tips & tricks in this book will actually work.

Have Fun!


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